Help your members take control of their identities.


The threat of identity theft is bigger than ever.


Consider these life events when your members are especially vulnerable to identity theft:

  • Where can a member turn when he’s out of the country and his passport is stolen?
  • A young woman is concerned that an identity thief will misuse her new baby’s Social Security number for years without her knowledge.
  • How can a widow be sure her husband’s estate is protected when he’s gone?
  • Someone is frantic about a laptop being stolen from the family car.
  • Another person is concerned about having misplaced important papers.
  • Who is keeping an eye on his accounts when a customer’s husband is on military duty?
  • How does a family handle destroyed financial papers when they’re coping with the after effects of a natural disaster or fire?

In a flash, an identity thief can find personal information and open new accounts, forge medical insurance claims or make unauthorized purchases. Your members are looking to you for a solution.


Stop identity thieves in their tracks.


Although identity theft can strike anyone at any time of life, you can help your members take back control and stop identity theft before it starts, limit the damage and resolve their identity.


There’s no way to make identity data 100 percent secure. But quick recovery and rapid response can help keep damage to a minimum. Don’t let your members down.


Restore your members’ good names.


Sometimes thieves still break through the best defenses. If a member suspects that his or her identity may be compromised, we deliver true one-on-one identity resolution:

  • Your members and their families have unlimited, 24/7 access to our team of highly-trained and certified fraud specialists to help avoid and resolve identity theft .
  • Our identity theft specialists will quickly cut through the red tape so your members don’t have to struggle with identity theft on their own.
  • Victims will work closely with the same fraud specialist until the issue is fully resolved…no matter how long it takes.
  • Victims can count on our proactive, hands-on assistance and our timely credit file alerts.
  • We will also notify creditors, file police reports and provide a year of fraud and credit monitoring.
  • Your members and their families have unlimited, 24/7 access to a wealth of educational information on identity theft and fraud, since knowledge is still the best defense.


Match our service solution to your business strategy.

We offer a number of flexible, enterprise-level Identity Management Services that we can tailor to your target audience and can easily integrate into your business processes. Whether you decide to offer these services as a benefit, on a fee basis or package them with your other products or services, you can use these Identity Management Services to gain new members, retain your current ones and avert liability – all at a surprisingly low institutional price point.


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