The Loan Recapture Program is an integrated marketing and fulfillment system that uses unique technology to poll loan data in target markets, cross reference it to a credit union member database, to identify “recapture” opportunities.  Potential customers are identified, qualified, and contacted with refinance offers.   Loan applications are then processed through the credit approval, loan documentation, and vehicle re-titling processes.  The system is a turnkey system with minimal effort required from credit union staff.


Multi-Tiered Approach

  • Direct Mail – Attractive and informative individualized mailers are sent to pre-qualified members indicating their savings. Mailer directs member to an online application and/or Facebook App.


  • Email – Creative and compelling emails are sent as a follow up to the Direct Mail and as a stage setter for the calling campaign


  • Phone – Members are contacted by phone on behalf of the credit union to inquire about participation in the pre-qualified offer to lower their rate and monthly payment. All calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes


  • Social Media – engage members through social media channels like Facebook through a specialized App. The member can apply, correspond, and share resulting in viral marketing.

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