Member Onboarding Solutions

Enhance your member onboarding accessibility with a Web-based application that provides consumers with an easy and convenient way to open a variety of accounts. By automating the application process and bringing it to the web, consumers can begin a relationship with your financial institution in a matter of minutes, whenever it is convenient for them. The process is simple and user-friendly, demonstrating from the get-go the high level of service they can expect from your financial institution.


With this web-based application, consumers are able to complete the entire account opening process online. Features such as identity verification, new account funding, and online disclosures limit abandonment rates and help to ensure applicants complete the process to become new consumers.


Online/Mobile Loan Applications

Enhance your loan application process with a web-based, consumer-facing application that provides credit unions with an integrated personalized loan application. This software program automates the application, origination, and fulfillment of financial products in just seconds, to provide convenient use for applicants and staff. This application provides users with real-time loan quotes and streamlined approval of loans from the comfort of their home.


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