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How Do You Measure LTV?

Most of us don’t have the time or expertise to calculate the “real LTV”. We do, however, recognize that MSRP doesn’t usually reflect the true value of a new car due to incentives and other market factors. And, unless we get pictures and do a full inspection on used cars, can we really be confident it qualifies as clean?

Strategies for Tellers to Promote Interest in Your Credit Union’s Services

You’ve heard it a thousand times…”I can’t possibly cross-sell at the drive-up window!” “Everyone is in a rush.” “They’re always on their cellphones.” “If they wanted to talk about products and services they’d come inside.” Negative assumptions like these become all too commonly accepted in a branch environment. Once assumptions like these take root, they… Read more »

Trust Tip – What we can learn from superheroes

Superheroes have been around in pop-culture for years. Although they are fictional cartoon characters, there are many lessons we can learn from them. Without transforming into Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Spiderman, you can certainly learn how to capitalize on strengths and apply these strengths in many situations ranging from communication to customer service, to… Read more »

Trust Tip – Enthusiasm Sells!

Someone once said that closing is 70% enthusiasm. How could that be? What about product knowledge, persistence, and all of those closing techniques? Yes, they are important. But without enthusiasm, they have little power. They are like the car and enthusiasm is the gas. Nothing gives gusto to your presentation like sincere enthusiasm. After all,… Read more »