Now your employees can purchase temporary health insurance from one to 6 months!


Who qualifies for this coverage?

  • Individuals who are serving the group waiting period
  • Individuals who are terminating employment
  • Individuals who work part time and are not offered benefits through their employer
  • Dependents who no longer qualify for group health coverage
  • Seasonal/Temporary employees


Unexpected illnesses and accidents happen every day, and the resulting medical bills can be disastrous. Covered individuals can safeguard their financial future with Short-Term Major Medical temporary insurance. It provides the peace of mind and health care access needed at affordable prices.


Short-Term Major Medical coverage offers a variety of deductibles and can cover individuals from one month to 6 consecutive months.


Coverage can begin as soon as the next day!


Covered individuals may keep their own doctors!


Please note that this plan does not cover any pre-existing conditions.


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