Anthem Exits the Individual Insurance Marketplace in Maine, Groups Need Not Worry

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We have had a few questions from our Group Employee Benefits clients concerning Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s recent announcement to no longer sell new policies on Maine’s Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace.  To clarify, their decision does not affect our credit union and small business group employee benefits clients. As for the Maine ACA marketplace for individuals not covered under employer plans, Community Health Options and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care remain as the only insurers offering plans in which subsidies can be used to help pay premiums. If you have any questions about Anthem’s decision or the ACA, please feel free to contact us at: 207-773-0925 or...

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Valuable Insights and Collaboration at the Fall Insurance Trust University Workshop

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Last month, Julie Ferguson was our guest speaker for the Fall 2017 Insurance Trust University workshop.  The event was held at America’s Credit Union Museum on September 12-13th with more than 50 employees representing 17 credit unions throughout New England in attendance. The event was focused on business development, sales culture evolution and member engagement topics. On day one, Julie took attendees on a journey from the front line to the bottom line sharing stories from her sixteen years at First Tech Federal Credit Union in the Pacific Northwest, a credit union that grew to become the FI partner for companies like Microsoft and Amazon.  She explored specific business development strategies and tools for formulating partnerships with businesses and organizations within in a credit unions community. On day 2, Julie explored what it means to live the brand of your credit union by being passionate about making a difference, defining member needs and providing solutions that help members to achieve their financial goals and dreams. She also gave examples of how credit unions can tell their story, educate members and build “member advocates” who will help to cultivate a referral engine for the credit union. Attendees collaborated in teams during activities and left with a renewed passion for growing their credit union....

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Clarifying the Current State of ACA and Ideas Surrounding Potential Changes

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As the healthcare landscape continues to be in flux, Insurance Trust wants to help clarify some of the terminologies that you may see or hear in the news. Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, and the ACA are all the same law that was signed in 2010.  This is currently the law of the land.  Under the ACA, individuals who fall under certain income thresholds are eligible for subsidies and cost-sharing on the Marketplace (or Exchange).  Both individuals and employers can purchase health insurance under the Marketplace (in Maine this is run by the federal government) or directly through the carriers.  Insurance Trust can work with individuals and employers both on and off the Marketplace. In general, the Republicans of Congress support rolling back the ACA and creating fewer requirements for plans and getting rid of the penalties that individuals and large employers must currently pay if they go without coverage. On the Democrat side of the aisle there are three similar but different schools of thought that would expand upon the ACA. 1) Under Universal Care, the government would provide a basic level of care for everyone and individuals (or employers) could choose to purchase additional private insurance from insurance carriers. 2) “Medicare For All” expands Medicare eligibility to everyone. 3) Under Single-Payer coverage, the government would be the sole provider of medical insurance without a private insurance option. Do keep in mind that many people use these three terms interchangeably, so you may get funny looks if you drop your new-found knowledge at a dinner party. Questions regarding ACA? Please feel free to contact us by completing the form below.  Blog Subscription - MailChimp Name* First Last...

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